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  1. JFC! This could not be more perfect! Having been the primary beta on this fic, the only one closer to it than me is Tatau when I say this fanart has ALL THE THINGS, you know I'm speaking as one who really knows all the things to be had. It would be madly pretty like a madly pretty thing even if it didn't catch the fic's vibe, but it DOES catch the vibe : you are totally working the club-scene vibe here : the strobe light, the neon sign, the velvety loveseat and the way our boys are positioned on it, the anonymous guy facing them and doing the handkerchief signals (and woah I have never seen that MAnY signals on ONE guy *g*).

    You are for the win, fanart Seekrit Santa!

    Last Edited Tue 25 Dec 2012 01:03AM EST

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    1. Thank you so much!!! :) Yep, many hankys indeed... XD

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