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  1. Hello there! :D

    So... Your comment killed me with happiness, literally! X') I'm very glad to read that you like this ending!
    To be honest, it was my favorite part to write, I had so much fun while doing it I'm happy I could convey it through this one!

    I see your point, and honestly sometimes while re reading it, I think that I could have done much more for this part, but then I realized that I don't need to because it's already so full! X)

    Ah. Grammar, my nemesis, my kryptonic, my joker, the Frollo of my Quasimodo...! I knew that I screw this chapter because of it! XD I used Grammarly to correct the general errors, but as it's not the premium version, I miss a lot of mistakes! (still, took me two hours to correct this one, so I let imagine how much worse it was before this version! X'))
    I'm still looking for a beta reader, someone who could point out the mistakes, explain them to me so I could avoid them later..! Maybe on a forum, or something like that! ^^ (if you know where I could search, I would gladly take the help!)
    And, if I teach a word, then you're welcome! ^^' (I didn' t know it was an uncommon word for you, but then again, as it's the same word as the one we use in French...)

    Yep, change of atmosphere for this last chapter, but it would have been difficult to write the ending in a sort of Cinderella spirit!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment, all the other, and your support!

    Have a great day! :D

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