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  1. Is Asia a masochist pain slut? ( at least when she is causing herself pain for Issei or on his orders?)because when she was talking about using magic to make my chest grow she seemed a bit to willing to go threw with it even if it was going to hurt

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    1. She's quite desperate to please Issei because she feels like she might lose him to a different girl that is more confident or hotter than her. Her self-image isn't super high and she feels like she's not good enough for him (you can see that very clearly when she says she shouldn't be allowed to give him a blowjob because she's not extremely good at it). She's mortified he will 'trade' her for someone 'better' when he gets the chance. So by suffering for him, she wants to show him how much she cares and how willing she is to improve herself, hoping that will be enough to convince him to keep her around. But that doesn't mean she won't start to enjoy actual pain later on of course. For now she can't really know that for sure since she hasn't had much pain yet.

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      1. Cool Hopefully Issei learns to use Magic for Interesting thing in the bed room or to enchant Sextoys to use on Asia and his future Harem OR will Rias using the Enchanted Cock cage on him have soured him to Enchanted sex toys? Maybe sensory Deprivation so she can only understand Issei or Cutting off All her sense until her whole world is the Taste and feel of Issei's cock in her mouth.

        OR would Sensory deprivation stuff be to dark for Asia and be saved for Issei when he wants to break some of His female Enemy's.

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