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  1. Hello dearie! How AMAZEBALLS to have your comment!

    Well, Louis XIV and Richelieu barely crossed each other on the stairway of life and death, one on his way out, one on his way in, and it's precisely what makes them beautiful. It's one era and the next, the result of Richelieu's life work being Louis XIV's starting point.

    Louis XIV has never seen Richelieu as anything more than a sickly weird bird, but we know Mazarini will use Richelieu's letters as education for the boy for years to come.

    Louis XIV called Richelieu "le grand Cardinal", as if there had been only one.

    And I found it beautiful (though unlikely) that precisely only the 6 years old had understood everything, while the rest of the world stays oblivious to it.


    I hope you had a good night's rest! Love!

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