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  1. Hello there!
    You don’t have to apologize for slow updates at all, because the waiting is honestly worth it. Your writing is superb and the story draws me in again and again! I love Jack’s flirting and Davey’s responses to it! And little bits of happiness that Davey gets (candles etc.) make my heart hurt, because that boy deserves so much. Also the little...void? between Davey and his friends that was caused by him not having a living space? Realistic as hell! People with different financial statuses have different ways of dividing their time and ughhhhh I live this so much??!? Anyway, good luck with your two fics and break a leg in Newsies :)

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    1. Thank you so much! It's lovely long paragraphs like this one that just make my day every time. I'm glad you're really enjoying it so far- especially since really it hasn't started up so far, just mostly build up and explaining their lives. But yeah- I'm really happy you're enjoying it, and that it's getting the realistic affect I was hoping for (since I haven't firsthand experienced living in Davey's kind of financial status)

      And thank you once again! We get the cast list tomorrow and I'm crazy stressed about it haha

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