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  1. This is so, so lovely.
    Oh, this is making me nostalgic in the best of ways. You really did an amazing job with the character voices. Everyone, not just Jarod and Miss Parker, but Sydney and Catherine felt perfectly in character. It's absolutely stunning.

    I really love this look at what might have been, if Jarod and Kyle being rescued had actually come to pass. I love that they bonded over the rabbits, and how curious and determined Melissa is. Her relationship with her mother was wonderful. There's a lot of warmth and trust in it, which makes a really good contrast to Jarod's childhood in the Center. I really loved to read her perception of her father, that was so interesting, and on point. She's so smart, and I really like that her first reaction when she learns about her dad being behind the kidnappings is to defend him, but that she ultimately trust her mother and her own perception of him more.

    I am so glad that Jacob and Sydney managed to get out alive. The last scene between Jarod and Sydney made me tear up a little. There are so many conflicting emotions at play, it was just stunning how you pulled that off. I love that Jarod outright tells him that he might not be able to forgive him right now, but he's already sure that he will eventually. It gave me all the feelings. ALL OF THEM.

    And Melissa and Jarod becoming pen pals and going to the same university. I love this. I love how Catherine planned this the whole way through and found a safe place for them, and that both Melissa and Jarod could grow up like regular kids, and the joking about the cow and Kyle trying to take the letter away. I really love all these details you throw in. They were both charming and did a really good job of fleshing out the relationship Melissa and Jarod have with the people around them. (The continued confusion about what exactly a club is, made me smile so hard, I can't even tell you. It was really cute.)

    So, yeah. I loved this a lot. You're a really good writer. Thank you so much for sharing this. It was a joy to read.

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