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  1. This was really cool! I'm actually quite interested in the idea and it's concepts. Not sure soulmate Aus can be quite interesting. So, yeah, great job! I'd love to see more, the mentions of Ace and his soulmates (his birth name on it?) Sabo and Koala and Sanji and Zoro make me intruiged. (Sanji has no soulmark? How?)Would be great to see more.

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    1. :3c why doesn’t Sanji have soulmarks indeed.
      It has something to do with his family, but that’ll be covered in the next fic (о´∀`о)

      As for Ace’s name, I’d like to think your soulmarkings have your preferred name on them, not just your birth name on it. And honestly Ace would go by a different first name entirely if he found out his soulmate’s markings had Gol D. Ace on them lol. Sabo, Luffy and everyone who has Ace’s mark have Portgas D. Ace

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