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  1. They do! To copy paste from my author note;

    There are a few different types of soulmate marks in this fic, Romantic, Platonic and Life-Changing.

    -Romantic marks are bright red(you can have a one sided romantic mark, it will be very obviously faded)

    -Platonic marks are white

    -Life Changing marks are Black and exclusively one sided, worn by the person who will have their life altered(it can be a good or bad change in your life)

    Law has a platonic bond with Corazon(you could consider their bond life changing too, but I like Corazon as a platonic father figure), life changing with Doffy, and romantic with Luffy. Along with probably some platonic bonds with his crew.

    Doffy has a one sided romantic bond with Law, so the colors on his mark are faded out.

    If you’d like to know anything more I’d be happy to answer!

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    1. Clover from 999

      I thought of another question! Do all romantic marks start out the same shade and then fade as fate changes? Otherwise it seems a bit odd to have them. What purpose would a one-sided mark have besides making the possessor sad?

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      1. Yes, that was my general idea behind the one sided marks! The one sided marks happen most often between pairs with large age difference, like Doffy and Law. Doffy would be born with a normal red mark but after Law is born(with Luffy’s name)it would begin to fade.
        But for some people, like Pudding, a one sided romantic mark with Sanji would be what she’s known for her whole life, since the mark started fading as soon as she was born.

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