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  1. Hello there! ^^

    First of all, thank you for your (long) comment! It means a lot to me to see that people like enough what I had written to put a little something so, then again, thank you!

    Did my best, wasn't enough for the grammar part but I quite shocked (in a good way) to see that you used the word "marvelous" about this! Still, I have some edit to do, because I saw while re-reading this some mistakes that I could have avoided! About the word, yeah, maybe that could fit! '^'

    May as a trainer was an evidence, and I really like Jirachi design and abilities (grant wishes) and it fitted so well this bunny plot that I couldn't resist! xD Pokemon evolving thanks to their trainers love makes more sense to me than the exp in the game, in a way because all along the scenario, PNJ told us that we have a great bond with our team and all, but before gen VI, we couldn't truly "interact" with them, so this is still for me one of the most major plot-hole of all the saga! xD

    I love mythology and even more created a story around the story itself, so I'm happy to see that you like this idea too! ^^ And yeah, what would be a fanfiction without a little layer of angst, tell me? :3

    About Steven, well, even if he is twenty-four, I pictured him as growing up with little social interaction, doing home-school-learning and all, and that he truly opened himself with other when he first met Wallace, so his "blushy side" was kind of an evidence when I was writing this part! ^^

    Just, to be sure because you talked about the word-number : 35k words are the total of the words of this story, and when I'm writing this reply, I already posted the part 3 (the last one) this Sunday (the 12 of August) and this one (the first part) is little less than 10k. So I don't know if you're comment had a delay between when you posted it and when it was published! ^^''
    So I tell you now, this story is complete and all the parts are already published! :) But then again, maybe I misunderstood! ^^''

    One last time, thank you for your comment! :D


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    1. What can I say, your story has me excited to read the rest. As of my first comment, the full story was posted, but I only read the first chapter. I don't prefer to binge read, so I'll be coming back to read chapters 2 and 3 sometime later. So that's why I commented on the full length of the story, even though I only read the first chapter.

      I'm always so impressed by authors who write in a language other than their native one. There are errors, yes, but nowhere near as many as if I were to attempt to write a story in another language! (Also, if you would like, I would be happy to offer a grammar/spelling check if you would like a second set of eyes to help proofread)

      Any errors aside though, you still have been able to convey a great story thus far. I like your take on the game's reinforcement of a trainer's bond with their team. You're totally right! We haven't had a real way of showing that in-game until much later in the series, and when writing in the pokemon universe, I too subscribe to the idea that exp points don't really matter, it's all about the bond between trainer and pokemon.

      It's really refreshing to see the in-game mythology expanded upon. To write your own extension of the myth is great, and I look forward to seeing how it unfolds in your story.

      As for Steven, I also think he's probably been home schooled when he was younger and not the most social person out there. But you're totally right, being friends with Wallace will definitely get someone to open up more! xD (I really love those two)

      I look forward to sitting down with chapter 2 soon :)

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      1. Oh, I see! '^' Then, take your time to read! ^^

        Writing in a foreign language is a good exercise, in my opinion, you should try if you're feeling up to! ^^ (But, to be honest, if I'm writing in English is only because people don't read HCS in french so I had to adapt! xD)
        Well, yeah, if you're okay, I won't mind a grammar check from a native speaker! x) Then, again, only if that doesn't bother you too much!
        (And yes, Steven and Wallace are so fun to write together, even if I don't ship them! x) )

        Thank you once again for your constructive comments! They mean a lot to me! >w<

        Until then, I wish you a good day! :D


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