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  1. Oh, that was delicious. I love Jack and Stephen together as schoolboys, and in Hogwarts, no less! I love your writing, I love the dialogues, I love the tiny details (specially how Diana has left just because of the amours' carols, and that's already a solid enough reason for her). I love the ending, of course ;)

    There's only one thing where I disagree with you, and that's Jack as a Slytherin. I mean, poor Jack, he couldn't be sly if he wanted to! He's reckless and doesn't think before speaking and doesn't speak if he can act, he values courage above anything in the world, and his colours are definitely red and the gold of his tresses.
    I do think that Ravenclaw suits Stephen - not so much because he is outstandingly intelligent, but because of his unstoppable curiosity for all things, and because I've always thought that he believes that he is basically his mind and his hands, and the rest of his body is merely an appendix.
    What house are the girls in, by the way? I think that Sophie would fit in either Ravenclaw (for her quiet yet penetrating intelligence) or Hufflepuff (for her ever open heart), and Diana, in either Gryffindor of Slytherin: she is both brave and ambitious. What do you think of it?

    Also, I think I got lost with the flightless bird... I loved the reference to the film (huehue), but I'm afraid I don't catch it's meaning :/ Would you, if you please, be so kind to enlighten me? *bows*

    Anyway, thank you for such a lovely fanfic!

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