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  1. Thanks for the update!

    Ah, there he goes. Being adorable.
    Gotta wonder who taught izuku the word " papa" though.
    In any case unbearable adorableness is a great and totally legitimate idea. Then again, then it would be kind manipulative and not pure. it's just him and not his quirk. He just is that adorable.

    Mua was also a great pick. Vowels are easier ( since no togue movement is needed and the lip mobement is simple) and so is m

    Oh boy, now I feel sad for dabi.
    Maybe izuku could be the one to get him to reconnect a bit with his family? In canon he does it for todo ....
    Also, yes for the dabi is a todoroki theory

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    1. AFO is Izuku's papa, he is a special baby.

      It is just him, he is accidentally unbearably adorable.

      Mua is Izuku's name for him now, and only Izuku can call him that.


      Izuku and Dabi will get a little closer in time.
      I am sure Dabi is the newly named Touya!

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