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  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!

    i really love love love the writing style and the worldbuilding is SUPERB. the way you described it is so vivid and the cities/towns/roads visualize themselves right in front of my eyes. i really enjoyed the appearances of qian and jinri, the way their worlds are so very different from each other in the way that really suits them and the way they symbolize the progress on lunstal's road as the conditions of living gets better with sooyeon topping it off with her end of the world (nice thing you did there with the long bridge - the grass is greener on the other side indeed). especially qian's arc - i loved every single word of the stop in san martin, her role in the world, attitude towards life and relationship with soojung. really really fitting.

    also this is more of a personal weak spot but.... body modifications OwO


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    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING AND For taking the time to write this lovely comment it really means the world, wordlbuilding is so scary and it's so so nice knowing it worked for someone! thank you from the bottom of my heart. and listen....... body modifications, OwO indeed

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