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  1. So I have a request I hope you would be willing to write

    The characters are Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom

    The fetish Non-Fatal Soft Vore

    Finally the catalyst, just before the school day ended Danny overheard a couple people having a conversation about what they think it would feel like to be swallowed alive and Danny starts to feel curious about it as well

    When he gets home he decides to sneak the Fenton Ghost Catcher out of his parents lab and up to his room while his parents and sister are out, he then uses it to spilt himself into his human half and his ghost half again (like in the episode Identity Crisis)

    From there Fenton convinces a semi-reluctent Phantom to just keep Fenton in his ghostly stomach for a bit while their parents and sister are gone.

    Phantom agrees and proceeds to under

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