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  1. You know, reading this makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER! Like I mentioned in my comment, I know nothing about frats/sororities aside from what movies and word-of-mouth has taught me, and it all seems AWFUL! To hear that this isn't really tolerated anymore is actually a huge relief, because being part of something shouldn't have a price tag to get in.

    You really made my day with this explanation, thank you very much for sharing <3

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    1. No problem! Lol I’ve also noticed that most of the Greek scandals in recent times are mostly from the south/mid west which are pretty conservative/not very modern sections of the country

      Most of Greek Life that I’ve been exposed to has serious goals and achievements they make priority like philanthropy and good academic standing

      I really hope most other frats/sororities are like this too but I’m not entirely sure about other parts of the country

      (Though I do know that Sororities are not allowed housing in Pennsylvania because that many women in one place is somehow considered a “brothel” and is illegal lmao)

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      1. Well, I guess it's impossible to make it completely disappear. And I'm sure some places still do it in secret, which sucks, but I'm glad it's something people are actively trying to stop now!

        See, that's fucking awesome. That's what it should be! A group of people who bond and form a true brother/sisterhood and do things they all want to see improved in the world. That's awesome.

        Hearing even a few are good makes me feel tons better <3<3

        (Are you serious??? That's so ridiculous -.- Couldn't we argue the same about frats? I mean, girls go to places too. A FRAT IS A STRIP CLUB!)

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