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  1. ProximaShining

    Yeah. But the way the article is worded, if a website makes any money, then filtering the content is mandatory. And donations are money too. It is not important in this case whether that website makes profit. It is not explicitly mentioned that registered non-profits are exempt, only that websites that (somehow) make money are obliged to filter. Even Wikipedia, that also relies on donations, would be required to filter.

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    1. I understand but the way you were talking was implying that AO3 isn't a nonprofit and I mostly just wanted to clarify that yes, it is. That doesn't save it from these laws but I felt it was important to clarify none the less

      Edit: Also whilst it wouldn't help for Spain, Portugal, France, and Italy some countries would have a nonprofit exemption. So the "good" news is if we have to geo-block we don't have to geo-block EVERYTHING in Europe

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