Comment on May 2018 Newsletter, Volume 124

  1. No, it is not related to private browsing. It is related to whenever the browser closes or I get forced logout due to AO3 being buggy as usual, I am required on my remember everything, save all my tabs and logins, nonprivate browser to accept terms on the login page before I'm allowed to login.

    Every. Single. Time.

    If you find that difficulty to debug or solve, then the problem is on you. The dev team I work with at my dayjob is not amazing, but they're all good devs, even our junior devs, and they fix issues like this that crop up on our buggiest site in a day or two after they get reported, not tell me over and over I'm browsing privately after I tell them point blank I'm NOT.

    I know what private browsing is. It's extremely useful for testing. I know how to set a browser to kill all persistent data between sessions. I know when a website is LOSING data between sessions. And I know that no matter what I do, if I get logged out of the site by anything other than me personally clicking logout, I am required to accept terms again.

    And I did contact support, which was a useless exercise. They didn't even mention disabling Javascript.

    But to be blunt, this comment was not a bug report. It was a comment, that despite your weird belief to the contrary, no other sites have not asked for consent more than once, if at all. Most do not ask brand new consent. You've never asked consent before of anonymous users, other than the standard, there's the TOS, using the site means you agree. So asking them now over and over is stupid. But as much as I love what AO3 could be, it often makes dumb decisions based on logic that doesn't wash.

    And I probably shouldn't even comment right now because I've had a bad weekend and am grumpy, but the only issue with my cookie persistence is on AO3 because your site is buggy. When my browser dies, there are ten tabs open, and every single site on there remembers me and that I'm logged in because I have remember me checked. Except AO3.

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    1. Ruri GokĊ from Oreimo in a white dress, being smug and slightly blushing.

      Right, I get that you're grumpy, but it's a little weird talking to an AO3 user as if they're an AO3 dev with familiarity with your specific issue. All I know was your original comment and I was merely trying to be helpful. :(

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      1. I didn't write the original comment assuming any familiarity with anything other than this post and the way the site makes the request. The post says this is happening everywhere. It's not. And not even on all the compliant sites. That was my original comment. I appreciate you having suggestions, but it wasn't a bug report or I wouldn't have had to come back and tell you I'm doing the opposite of private browsing.

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