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  1. I've already sent emails to literally all the MEPs (American so I don't have one of my own.) Hopefully the vote ends up against it so we can end the fight there, but if not good luck since this would be a bitch to the site for sure (even though I guess having character names in and of itself wouldn't harm it and you guys would probably implement something like chalk and wire to crosscheck for plagiarism).

    That being said with the potential like, autoscripts in the case of AO3 if say, something were to be submitted that got denied by a bot could we submit an appeal for like, a mod to check the fair use or lack there of of the content? I would be more than happy to contribute as a mod if that were the case moving forward

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    1. Jaffar/Princess

      It's probably way too early to say anything about how it'd really be implemented, but I expect it wouldn't be Ao3 doing the identification of supposedly infringing works, but that it'd be done by some external service (like the ones that check for copyrighted music on, say, YouTube and Tumblr). It's all pretty complicated, so even identifying/defining what's fair use and what's not would be a big obstacle to anyone trying to censor content, text-based stuff in particular. You only have to look at places like Etsy and Zazzle to see how people circumvent copyright all the time and how difficult it is for the copyright holders to control fan-made products. Everything's very much hypothetical at the moment, really.

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      1. That's so true. My personal favorite is how the Transformers fandom, to get around copyrights on the Autobot and Decepticon insignias draw hearts in place of them on characters. It is such a happy solution

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