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  1. If Article 13 IS passed (big 'if' with you guys fighting so hard), would it only effect people in the EU, or would it effect other countries, such as the United States? Just curious.

    Thank you so much for all you guys do for us! I'm rooting for you guys and your hard work!


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    1. Perhaps not technically (I have no idea!), which you are of course referring to. :) (Can anyone chime in?)
      Still, ultimately, it affects every fan. On, which records where my readers come from, a majority seems to be from the US. I don't know if that is true on AO3, of course, and everyone is very welcome to argue that the loss of my contributions is no great loss to fandom as a whole (I hope you don't, but still). Yet I'd very much hope to keep uploading and interacting with all of you here! I sometimes read progressive media in my country, that are just now beginning to say things like "Um... perhaps gender is a scale... Perhaps representation matters... Perhaps identifying with people other than cishet, white, healthy, ablebodied men isn't quite as hard as we thought", and I'm like - really? Really. Ao3 taught me that a decade ago. So I want my fic, and I want to write my fic, and some people have even been kind enough to tell me to want to read my fic. For the EU to make that harder - well, I'm unpleasantly surprised. So I wrote in, and will thank everyone who will too. You're a big part of my life.

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