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  1. If Article 13 IS passed (big 'if' with you guys fighting so hard), would it only effect people in the EU, or would it effect other countries, such as the United States? Just curious.

    Thank you so much for all you guys do for us! I'm rooting for you guys and your hard work!


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    1. Perhaps not technically (I have no idea!), which you are of course referring to. :) (Can anyone chime in?)
      Still, ultimately, it affects every fan. On, which records where my readers come from, a majority seems to be from the US. I don't know if that is true on AO3, of course, and everyone is very welcome to argue that the loss of my contributions is no great loss to fandom as a whole (I hope you don't, but still). Yet I'd very much hope to keep uploading and interacting with all of you here! I sometimes read progressive media in my country, that are just now beginning to say things like "Um... perhaps gender is a scale... Perhaps representation matters... Perhaps identifying with people other than cishet, white, healthy, ablebodied men isn't quite as hard as we thought", and I'm like - really? Really. Ao3 taught me that a decade ago. So I want my fic, and I want to write my fic, and some people have even been kind enough to tell me to want to read my fic. For the EU to make that harder - well, I'm unpleasantly surprised. So I wrote in, and will thank everyone who will too. You're a big part of my life.

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    2. Old post, but I wanted to say something;

      It's not too big of an if, we fought for the whole Free Internet thing happening in the US and we all saw how that went. We lost. It is very much possible to lose this one too, and that's a scary thought.

      It wouldn't necessarily affect people outside of EU significantly, but think of it like this; this law passing could mean that some great EU residing creators whose content you enjoy will now be restricted by the law on what they can create. That means less content for you. Even if the majority of users are from the US, there's still a very big chance you could be missing out on something great just because that genius can't express themselves due to this stupid law.
      If this law passes, a lot of EU creators will feel uncomfortable posting the content they used to be able to enjoy freely. You might be missing out on some awesome fanfiction or fanart.

      Isn't that insanely unfair, even if we're not thinking about how it affects people outside of EU/you? People are being restricted. Stopped from being able to create and enjoy the things they love. Is that not worth fighting against all on it's own, just because it doesn't necessarily affect you?

      Many Europeans fought for the Free Internet, even if that failed, I think it'd be only fair for the US folks to help those who helped them - isn't that what US has always been on about anyway? (with varying degrees of success, I'm aware)

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      1. Yeah... We all know how that turned out... Fingers crossed though! Maybe Europe will have more sense than the US.

        I just didn't understand the full extent of the proposed laws at the time I posted my original comment. I have since done a ton of research and figured out the whole (confusing) wording. Thank you for replying, though: I didn't mean to sound rude or insensitive in my original comment. Of COURSE the loss of European creators would be devastating; many of the best people I have met on this site have been from EU countries. This site is one of my few remaining safe spaces in my life, and any intrusion into it in any way, even if it doesn't effect me directly, will still greatly upset that feeling of safety. No one wants to lose anyone in this community because of some stupid law that they have little to no control over.

        And of course that's unfair. I never meant to seem like I didn't care about anyone's rights being violated. Freedom of all types is definitely worth fighting for, even if it's not your own.

        Good luck to all the European creators in the coming days. I know the vote's almost over with, and that is a scary thought. We're all with you!

        (As for the US being for freedom: yeah, that hasn't worked out too well in the past, but hey, those of us who realize that are trying extra hard to live up to those ideals. Again, sorry for seeming rude or uncaring in my previous comment.)


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