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  1. I've only seen it briefly mentioned by mother Talzin and in the new star wars games. It seems like they can do it at will but it takes damn near mental exhaustion to levitate yourself. Vader did what I guess the creators are calling force jumps. I have enjoyed the story though. On a sidenote idk if what Leia did in TLJ counts as them addressing levitation??

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    1. I don't even know who Mother Talzin is, lol. Yea, I figure the force jumps are using the force to enhance a natural movement, but levitation is different. I like your comment on Leia. There are similarities there, but she was not pushing against gravity, nor did she have to sustain the effort past the initial nudge, so not quite the same, but she did move herself without pushing against something.

      But if you can move yourself at all, and the size doesn't matter, then why couldn't they all fly around like superman? It's all very curious.

      I'm glad you've been enjoying the fic!

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