Comment on Comment Period Open for AO3 Terms of Service Updates

  1. Thanks for asking. We aren't sending an email to all users insisting they come back and affirm the updated TOS; the confirmation of terms of service is required only for people who use the Archive and it only applies going forward, so if someone isn't using the archive they don't have to do any confirmation. If they want to use the Archive again in the future, they will have an opportunity to confirm their agreement with the ToS. Don't worry - nothing will happen to anyone's account or works unless they actively reject the terms.

    Last Edited Thu 10 May 2018 07:39PM EDT

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    1. Thank you! :D

      I'm glad that's how it works. :D:D:D

      I was really worried that lots of old fic would disappear because the authors are no longer using the Archive, and that if I didn't check in time for whatever reason, my fics would vanish too.

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