Comment on Comment Period Open for AO3 Terms of Service Updates

  1. If compliance when we know someone is "age-barred" means we can orphan works and remove notes that include personal information, like someone's Twitter or tumblr username, then that's what we will do.

    I sincerely hope AO3 won't be orphaning anyone's fic without their explicit permission. Someone retroactively being deemed as too young to be on the site /= their giving permission for their fics to be orphaned. Imo, it would be better to give any too-young users a choice between having their works orphaned, and having them deleted and a copy provided to them (the latter being what currently happens when someone deletes a work from AO3).

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    1. We definitely won’t be orphaning works without the submitter’s* explicit permission.


      *We aren’t saying “author” because we host works that aren’t textual.

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