Comment on Comment Period Open for AO3 Terms of Service Updates

  1. Steven Gerrard and Xabi Alonso

    Well, when you created your account you agreed to the terms of service and confirmed you were over 13.

    I honestly don't think we will lose a lot of content, if at all. AO3 has no way to tell a user's age---a user can say "yes, I confirm I'm over 16" and AO3 can't really confirm that, but I think from a legal point of view (mind the word "think", please, I am not comimg from a legal background) as soon as a user promises they are 16 or older, AO3 is covered. If it turns out this user is under 16, it means they knowingly provided the Archive with wrong information, and that's on them.

    I am considering it like all the under-18 peeps who click the "Yes, I am least 18 years old" button when going to adult sites.

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