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  1. I recently just discovered this and have only read one chapter but, oh mY GOd, this is so well written. I'm surprised there aren't many comments??¿¿

    I really love how you shape your characters. The detailed descriptions, the insight into how they are as human beings, their inner struggles and perspectives, their multi-angled personalities. I just LOVE when characters come alive, and you did just that.

    And the dialogues, the CHARACTER DYNAMICS i'm ahsdjdk

    I'm having high expectations and I will continue reading this because it's finished.

    Keep up the good work I wish you all the best <3

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    1. hahaha, i actually have a reply (that sardonically borders on lighthearted self-deprecation) to that but if you stick long enough you'll find out for yourself ;)
      anyhoe, thank you for giving it a shot; i really hope i dont dissapoint lol :^) have fun reading? yes, have fun reading u.u and i wish you a happy week <33

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