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  1. Carnivorous House

    There's such a perfect mix of humour and poignancy in the poem ^__^ I love Holmes' use of 'Watsick' for being without Watson (a portmanteau of Watson and heartsick, I suppose) and 'Watswell' for being with Watson (as well as 'well' itself, it suggests 'swell' - the swell of his feelings. Oh, and I suppose it also might be a portmanteau of Watson and Boswell).

    Also very taken with Cruel sword and shield refuse to speak/ and trenchant stains the yearnament/ abound elixirs, foolscap, teak/ a tea-soaked firmament. And slogamund repose. And is all that rye (in liquid form I'm assuming) responsible for the nonsense verse in the first place...? ^___^

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    1. Okapi

      Thank you! I am happy with this one. Yes, with and without Watson.

      And the second line I had in mind that Holmes is missing Watson so much that his usual distractions (violin, tea, books, etc.) aren't cutting it. And I saw him upside down (or lounging in some sort of odd pose) when Watson returns, thinking all those tea stains (cups he's overturned in his pacing) on the rug are on the ceiling, etc. Could be booze (with the rye) or it could be a play on words for wry, a reference to Watson's pawky humour or that without him, what's the use of Holmes being clever and charming. Lots of options.

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