Comment on [podfic] How Freed Got His Hair Back

  1. ''The rest of the guild, to his immense surprise, welcomed them. Mostly.''
    You read this so lovely!

    '' this is how I lose my mind.''
    The emotion you put in here was so great!

    "Um… Freed?"
    This was such a great part! The way you speak when there is dialogue is so natural and the intonation is so awesome!

    ''a vote was apparently taken, and the general consensus was a resounding sure, whatever.'' The way you said ''sure, whatever'' made me laugh so much! Such great comedic timing!

    "Three and a half," Levy said with a nod.'' Your Levy voice is so cool!

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    1. a happy pea listening to a podfic

      Aw, thanks! (and sorry for answering so late /o\)

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      1. Don't worry about it- I understand! I'm always late with replying reviews *hides face*

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