Comment on How Wrong We Were

  1. When I first read "He was at least as old as the human visage the vampire held" I began to suspect, but I was still surprised at the end C: Because!! You-chan!! And. my own fic but w/e you know.

    I dunno enough about your werewolves yet to say that this would be a good idea and in fact I am already suspecting that it most likely isn't, but I want to see cute art of Puddingpire snuggling with a fluffy wolfy.

    Let's talk about VAMPIRE HAREMS are there gonna be vampire harems I hope there are vampire harems probably if Shin were a non-angsty baby vampire he would have a harem I think. P r o b a b l y. But aaahhhhhh. What's going to happen!! Will Sho-chan kill off Puripire the way Puri did to his guy?? Will You-chan rampage and turn Sho-chan into a... were...pire... ???? Will everybody just decide to smooch for the rest of eternity? I JUST DON'T KNOW.

    /rolls around on the ground a lot

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