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  1. The third series is rather lacking in Boss generally I'm afraid so there's not a whole lot more of him to enjoy in the final episode, though there's lots more parody-tastic general fun! I love the format of the show - you just can't help find something to laugh at every thirty seconds, even if another five or six jokes have passed you by in the meantime, and it means it's all very rewatchable. Much kudos to Charlie Brooker for some very intensive spoof and joke writing, and I'm sure he'd appreciate your homage to his efforts! :D

    I haven't seen massive loads of JRT, though he's worked with Mark a couple of times - he's in the first episode of Crooked House, and Halloween Party one of the Poirots Mark adapted, and they did a few radio things together (Faust, and The Quest, both of which are on my downloads page if you're interested!). They were supposed to do a play together Darker Shores but that's the one Mark pulled out of when his sister died, alas. Otherwise I can recommend the episode of Black Books he pops up in as a dashingly handsome explorer everyone loves!

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      Oooh, thanks for the recs! There's a lot more radio things out there than I ever realised, and I haven't actually seen Crooked House yet, so maybe I should. Also this Black Books thing people have been raving about for years. Much appreciated (it's so lovely that you have links, as well - you're a gem) :D

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