Comment on Pry Him From My Cold Dead Fingers

  1. Okay hahahahaha We don't have a spare bed right now anyway and despite my double size bed, my cat and dog sleep with me every night and I am not cruel enough to make you sleep on the floor or the couch.

    I'm more into art than writing, I can't get my thoughts down, or even in words.. its a processing thing lol

    I got sleep, and im reading sterek while i wait for my pizza dough to rise :)


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    1. Good good, this is good. I don't do well on floors. Or with dogs. >.> Glad we cleared this up!

      Hey man, art is just as amazing, you can tell a whole story with just one picture :)

      Ohhh, you make your own pizza dough? That's awesome :3

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      1. Are you afraid of dogs? I have a shih tzu, she's a sweet little thing haha .....though I am kinda nervous around Chihuahuas, because when I was little three of them would chase me on my way home everyday LOL

        I'll have to show you my art sometime! :D

        Pizza dough is pretty easy, it just takes a while to rise :)

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        1. I'm not a huge fan of dogs, no... Bad experiences. But my sister has one and I tolerate it. It's cute and doesn't bite me so that's good lol. Sorry about those chihuahuas though, that's a dick move.

          I'm sure it's amazing :)

          Lol, it'd probably sink with my luck XD

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