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  1. So many endless thanks to the lovely chasingriver for reccing this and saying clearly that you don't need to be in the fandom to get this, and for saying it's hilarious, because oh boy is it ever!

    If I'm going to list all the parts that cracked me up, I'd end up quoting the entire fic here, so just going to mention a few!

    “Indeed he did, and it was, and you’re not, and I did, and you do, and you did. It’s a good thing mere bullets are no match for the healing power of lust.”

    Hahaha LOVE this!

    Jack was momentarily dazzled by Tom’s smile, or perhaps it was just the lights of a passing car.

    I can't stop laughing at this.

    “It’s not. Good thing there’s always fanfiction. Or what the Germans call, ‘fanfiktion’.”


    ...since they didn’t have the requisite anatomy, and couldn’t fully appreciate what it was like to… his thoughts trailed off as he realised he was descending into unwarranted sexism when he should really just be enjoying his blow job.

    So hilariously true!

    Tom’s house lay just beyond the line of asterisks...and killed the engine. Not literally, since as a piece of machinery it had never truly been alive.

    This entire paragraph was GOLD!

    “No,” Jack said, which was a word he often used when he wanted to convey a response in the negative.

    OMG you're killing me!

    “What do you mean?”

    “Supporting characters have lives, too, you know. You should try sparing a bit of storyline for me and Des and Asap once in a while.”

    Hahahaha omg loved this -- it's so hilariously true! it reminded me of the mention of secondary characters in Duinn Fionn's hilarious crack fic "Never Mind The Bollocks, It's Draco/Harry": "Oh, so the rest of you can talk," Draco said smirkily.

    Harry looked at his friends. "Well, Ron can say a line or two on his own, but Seamus, Dean, and Neville are under Imperius to keep them quiet, or we'll owe them more royalties."

    Only a few more and you'll be done!

    Perhaps in some brilliant foreshadowing of exactly such an end to his evening, Jack hadn’t worn any underwear.

    Or what the New Zealanders call, ‘the bedroom’.

    Ahahaha omg I love this! This is the best kind of humor for my money!

    “And I suppose you’ll want me to leave a picturesque trail of clothes evenly spaced up the steps.” a style Jack might have called Late Bordello, but didn’t. increasingly tricky manoeuvre as their bodies grew slippery with sweat and began sliding around the bed.

    Yes! They can always lick the sweat in lustful delight yet they never slip or slide! LOVE it. :D

    Showing great presence of mind, Tom bodychecked him before he could slide off the other side.

    All the asterisks were GOLD! And the rhyming part during the lube scene! But then you did write the Moffat Christmas poem which was also gold! And the in and out and in and out -- like I said, I'd have to quote the whole fic!

    Sorry about all the exclamation marks and the incoherence but it's an awesome, awesome fic! Bless you for the honest, wholesome enjoyment and for making me crack up like I haven't done in so long! <3 <3 <3

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    1. Mycroft and Sherlock in profile

      Oh, god. You are far, far too lovely for this incredibly silly fic <3

      I'm not sure I can muster a reply worthy of your comment, so I'm... not going to try, lol. But I stole a lot of the general format of humour from the show, so that probably illustrates the kind of silliness it contains, ie "Sarge says to go there during the ad break". It's so painful to watch, yet hilarious as well, and I hope I captured some of that. There is also a rhyming sequence in there somewhere, regarding a murder suspect *g*

      *hugs and gratitude*

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