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  1. Yeah this is really myself.

    My God, I can't actually believe you kept this work going! I love you so much. ♥
    I'm also pretty surprised in a lovely way Dmitri finally made something useful of his servant without further regrets. I hate his internal monologues (not because you write them bad, far away from this!! but simply because I find Dmitri's melodramatic side boring, even on the original book), I'm so happy he finally let his internal voice goes to the hell. ♥
    Thank you very much for keeping your marvelous work. You know we have so few of this paring though they are an OTP, absolutely shippable and in fact Crime and Punishment REALLY had obvious homoerotic contest, most people seems to be too busing shipping boring couples, meh.
    Thanks for keeping the fandom alive.

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    1. Thank you so much!!! I'm really glad that you liked it even if Dima can kill us with his internal discussions :P Ofc I keep this work going, I keep both of my WiP ^^ I just have really little time so I go slowlyyy but I'll keep posting. Thanks for keeping your support to me and my work :D

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