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  1. could i make some requests?

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      1. cool here are my ideas

        Phineas and Ferb
        the idea feature: rape, incest, shota, underage sex, watersports/pissdrinking and impregnation. the characters that will be involved are Phineas, Isabella, Ferb, Linda and Candace from Phineas and Ferb


        the story Phineas comes home from Isabella's (Isabealla is Phineas' girlfriend) house after a underage sex session and he arrives home and sees his sister Candace and his mother Linda have both cheated on their men with Ferb and a few days later while Ferb and Lawrence are in England he then begins threatening both with videos and pictures that they don't know are fake. Phineas dockers the videos and Pictures after seeing Ferb fucking both and he use these to grab the breasts and pussies as often as he wants and also forces both of them to stop using the pill. Then one night he wakes up with a boner and he goes into Candace's room and decides to have his way with her and end up getting her pregnant and then a few days later he rapes Linda with similar threats. he also have consensual sex with Isabella throughout when not with Candace or Linda

        (Ferb fucking Candace and Linda is consensual. Isabella not only does she know what Phineas is doing but she is supportive of it because she know he loves her also during the story i would like after a few times of being forced Candace and Linda both becoming willing sex slave and after that as time passes the three have sex and Isabella joins in maybe having some fun of her own with by using some toys)

        the storyline would be With Phil and Chucky sick Tommy' Parents send Tommy to angelica's house for a sleepover. Tommy is happy when he sees that Lil, Kimi and Susie are all also going to be at the sleepover. Angelica is less then pleased that Tommy is here and tries to get Tommy to leave by trying to embarrass him but this backfires when it is revealed to the girls that his screwdriver is the smallest tool in Tommy's dipper. which lead to sex, cock sucking, pussy licking,watersports/pissdrinking and impregnation

        Yu Gi Oh
        the idea is Tea wants to revel her feeling to Yugi so she invites him to her house and before she can say it he tells her his feelings for her they kiss and mark the moment by having some sexual fun sex, cock sucking, pussy licking,watersports/pissdrinking and impregnation

        Yu Gi Oh GX
        Jaden invites Alexis to his dorm later one night and when she gets there Jaden tells her he likes her as more then a friend. Alexis reveal that she thinks that way too and they kiss and mark the moment with a duel but with a twist it's a strip duel after which they have some sexual fun

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