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  1. YES

    Five fics I currently am dying over, I just love them ok. A few are such gems in smaller fandoms and I so appreciate them being in my epub collection.

    1) Tidings of Comfort and Joy ~ By: PintPotJudas
    Fandom: The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015) ~ Pair: Illya/Napoleon ~ Rating: M
    My current obsession with these two wonderful spies has lead me to read almost every bit of fic I can find, and this is by far my fav. The whole murder mystery clue ish feel drew me in, and the haunted bedroom poor Solo lives with was hilarious as well as a bit sad due to its meaning. I am also a huge sucker for pining, especially seeing suave womanizer Napoleon doing such in reguards to Illya, and this fic met every bit of that drawn out angst and desire I crave. It still has one more chapter before it is complete, so be forewarned, but it is just seriously cnsdjkdfl. If someone asked me to explain my feelings for this fic irl I would probably just flail with a mix of impatience/adoration/too many feelings. Its so good you guys ;u;

    2) Boy With Apple ~ By: oneinspats
    Fandom: The Grand Budapest Hotel ~ Pair: Gustave/Dmitri ~ Rating: M
    Im pretty sure Ive recced the shit out of this, but it is worth it, more than worth it really. One of the least ficced fandoms I take part in, which is such a bummer because there is so much potential. The writer took all of the whimsy and disdain and darlings in every way I could hope. It feels like it is connected to the movie, as well as its sequel where Dmitri and Gustave write letters. Both are for sure worth the time, I cant even count the number of times Ive personally read it.

    3) Corresponding Distance ~ By: ember_firedrake
    Fandom: M*A*S*H* ~ Pair: BJ/Hawkeye ~ Rated: E
    This really just tore my heart up, alllll the feels. I have always loved Mash and was sad with how little love it gets in terms of fanfic compared to other shows from the era, so just to see one that is well written and deep is awesome. But its /perfect/. Portrayal is the best Ive seen, the angst was realistic, I just cant. Its seriously beautiful and heartwrenching and so true to the shows style.

    4) The Full Wham! ~ By: rispacooper
    Fandom: Psych ~ Pair: Lassiter/Shawn ~ Rated: E
    Total smut, While I tend to be more for plot its toooo good. The characters are portrayed perfectly, while I find a lot in the psych fandom cant much get Lassiface right. Really just Shawn as George Michael was everything. Its cracky yet believeable as something you might see. Poor little Buzz was so caught off guard.

    5) Quality Entertainment ~ By: nerdytardis
    Fandom: Preacher ~ Pair: Jesse/Cassidy ~ Rated: GA
    This is just adorable domestic fluff, which there is nowhere near enough of in the show and fandom even. I just love the image it portrays of how comfortable they are together, as well as Emily being the one to notice it first. Plus, how can you not like Cas fangirling over project runway?

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    1. I have never thought to look up MASH fan fiction. Hawkeye was my first crush

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      1. I have two amazing M*A*S*H fics in my bookmarks, link down below.

        ETA: Page two, near the bottom, sorry. More comments than when i was here last!

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      2. I actually just recently got in to the fic it has! I was re watching the series for the first time in almost ten years and was surprised I didnt ship anyone from it until now. Even then, there are some awesome Gen fics. Its sad how few stories there are for how long it has been around.

        Im glad my binge watching made someone else think to look :)

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        1. Too bad so much of it is Hawkeye/BJ shipping

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