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  1. A cute girl with blond hair, blue eyes, bunny ears, and a cat tail. She wears a butterfly-themed dress in the trans pride colors, with a matching choker. The background is a rainbow butterfly pattern.

    I mean yeah, that's always possible too. There's plenty of potential reasons why she might have done things the way she did. Maybe it was mercy, maybe it was "to hell with it, everything's broken, might as well cut to the chase", maybe it was because she didn't think the player would stick around for a third round with just her and Natsuki, maybe it was because she didn't think a round with just her and Natsuki with the player would be very pleasant at all and she just didn't feel like putting anyone through it.

    Oh yeah, Natsuki's poem is definitely a possible instance of self-awareness. So is that one remark Yuri made to Monika.
    Hmm. It's a little doubtful they'd have shown much if any self-awareness during act 1. Though, it's possible that Monika(due to her revelation) was acting out of it, prompting the others to act just slightly different than the original script. Not enough to break anything, but enough for things to stray from the base a little. Sort of a subtle ripple effect, I guess.
    Since things were breaking in act 2, just about anything could have been self-awareness. Though, plenty could also have been Monika messing with the script.
    In act 4, Natsuki and Yuri's behavior being different could have been self-awareness mixed with the script. It could also have been that Sayori tweaked their code to minimise their negative qualities though(though it's just as possible Monika had tweaked their code in act 1 to increase their negative qualities).
    We've seen for sure though that whoever gets the position of club president gains the meta-awareness.

    Really, there's so many possibilities, haha. It's hard to say exactly how self-aware they are.

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