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  1. 1. "Salvage" by GoodIdeaAtTheTime (Gundam Wing) -
    This is the fic that brought me back to the fandom last year. It's a post-canon slow burn 2x5, which features both men, but especially Wufei, growing into the adults they want to be, with a side of pining and a very nice happy ending. All the fluff, but also excellent characterization and writing. This author can be found on Tumblr as ChronicWhimsy

    2. "Freeport" by Maldoror (Gundam Wing) -
    ok ok this fic is old. It's not a new fic, like at all, but the author IS currently posting it on AO3 and responsive to comments and frankly. This fic shaped everything I have ever felt about post-canon Gundam Wing, and permanently changed my headcanons for every single pilot. In fact, Freeport is so embedded in a lot of late GW fanon that it's practically Canon. Go. Read. It.

    3. "i'll sing a song for you (singe ich ein lied für dich)" by Lizzen (Atomic Blonde fandom) -
    This fic is delightfully dark and has the nuance Delphine was missing in the movie - the motivations and the thought processes behind her actions, and though we see her become compromised, I love the emotional depth that's been added. It's so, so good!

    4. "have you heard" by peradi (Star Wars) -
    the tags say it all "Finn is the patron saint of stormtroopers" This is a canon divergence fic wherein Finn's defection sparks a revolution amongst stormtroopers, and that's how the Resistance wins the war. Perfect in nearly every way.

    5. "The Road Not Taken" by ClaraxBarton -
    Truthfully, everything by Clara is wonderful, as long as you don't mind a little angsty bite with your happily ever after, but this fic in particular is special to me because it's an exploration of sexuality that was particularly meaningful when it was first published (over on THAT OTHER SITE THAT WE DON'T SPEAK OF). It's complete there, but getting a polish up/rewrite here on AO3 and is wonderful in every way. 2x3 AU featuring doctoral student Duo and scenic designer Trowa and there's nothing about it I don't love, but I especially love gender studies bossy best friend Hilde.

    Frankly I could go on and on and on and on and onnnnnnn but I'm going to limit myself to five fics in my favorite fandoms and hope to win something!

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