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    For space reasons I'm limiting myself to 5 anime recs.


    1. Peak Performance by Siniscule. Love Live, NicoMaki. Simply fantastic. The writing is the best NicoMaki writing I've seen in a fanfic, and the AU nature of the narrative merely compliments it rather than detracts. Eli acts as a great facilitator for the narrative and plays off the two of them really nicely too. It really sells NicoMaki in a believable fashion and is just a delightful ride.

    2. Perendosi by Ember_Keelty. Madoka Magica, elements of SayaMami, SayaKyouko, SayaKyousuke. This is the best character study of Sayaka I've ever seen. It's simply electric- there is basically no dialogue, but the inner monologue really carries the piece and makes it feel real. Sayaka is so splendidly characterized here, more vividly and clearly and simply BETTER than in the anime. If you like Sayaka at all, give this a shot. If you don't, maybe this can start to change your mind a bit?[1]

    3. Cicada Psalms by DragonNinjaAri. Higurashi no naku koro ni, Mion/Keiichi/Rena. Shion/Satoshi. Satoko/Rika. The best after-the-series Higu fic I've ever seen. It builds on the series spectacularly and takes the characters in believable directions. The writing is fantastic and compliments the narrative beautifully, and the characterization is incredibly strong and on-point. Give it a go if you're a Higu fan!

    4. Picturesque by SilverSupa. Little Witch Academia, DianAkko. Tired of the older fics on this list? Here's some new blood. I could have recommended pretty much any of the fics Supa has done for LWA (Seriously check them out they're great) but this is one of my favorites. The Diana/Akko/Amanda dynamic is great here, with Amanda being a more interesting foil than just being a mocking bystander. The story is sweet and cheery and really does get you in the Christmas spirit no matter the time of year.

    5. We're Good. Pokemon. SerenaMisty. This is such a splendid fic. It's about so many things- about moving on, about finding a new place in your life, and about finding love. The story is charming and thoughtful from beginning to end and the writing and dialogue are simply excellent. The pacing is great despite the story's length and everything just... works so well. It helps that I had no idea who Serena was (not Kanto Serena obviously) before starting this fic, but I never felt left out or confused, because all the pieces were filled in for me so gracefully.

    There are so many more but I don't have the space or the time to post them here- feel free to drop by my bookmarks and trawl through my collection if interested. I hope anybody that checks out these stories likes them, and if they do, please give these talented artists a review saying how you liked it and why!


    1. I almost found it impossible to just pick one work by Ember_Keelty because they're all great. Consider this a bonus rec- check out all her fics, they're worth the time.

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