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    1. "Night Call" by Wildes. This story was the fountain of water that sprang from the rock I tapped. It is a Top Gear/Grand Tour story about the beginning of a relationship between Richard Hammond and James May, full of humor and drama and sexy moments. This set me on the path to writing my own, and my Richard/James stories all spring from this timeline. I make acknowledgement of this source in chapter notes. It's also a lovely weaving on moments between moments, those who love TG will spot them.

    2."Alone in the Quiet "by Lastsyns. This story brilliantly captures some of the darker, sadder moments of Captain Jack Harkness, and it's a proper Doctor Who story to boot. In this story, Jack has been rendered blind and deaf by an act of torture and it is up to the Doctor to find those responsible and work out a way to reverse the damage. Readers can feel Jack's loneliness and isolation, not just through injury but through his immortality.

    3."Sweet, Delicious Despair" by Marchling. Just as "Alone in the Quiet" is a proper DW story, this is a proper Torchwood story, even more so. There are strange suicides with no explanation, as the victims were happy and show no signs of being suicidal. Torchwood takes the case and discovers this has happened before, an alien intervention with no known way of stopping it. Scary enough, then a member of Torchwood is attacked and the team must find a way to stop the alien before it succeeds. Fans of Torchwood will really love this plot and wonder why the series writers never came up with this idea.

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    1. Omg, Topgear fanfiction! I was right, you really can find absolutely everything in here!

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    2. I will try Sweet, Delicious Despair :-)

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