Comment on Welcome to Feedback Fest 2018

  1. #1 Beneath by Ninepen posted at This story is an epic that has taken years to craft, but even though I have been reading for over a year I still check daily for any updates; it's just that good. This is a Thor fanfiction. I particularly like that there is no rush or pressure towards pairing as so often seen in fic
    #2 Dial K for Kira by ZombieJesus posted right here on ao3. My newest favourite, for the opposite reason to Beneath; this is not a slow burn and very NSFW but fantastic fun. Death Note fandom and work in progress. Both focal characters very well written.
    #3 Poetic Justice by Limmet, also found right here at ao3. This is an Avengers fanfiction, cleverly crafted and balanced and one of my favourites of all tkme. This fic was the first that made me like the pairing, which I had not enjoyed before. Story also NSFW at times, in case anyone under age reads due to recommendation.

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