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  1. 1) The Series Actually I Do Make the Rules by Jenrose
    Check, Please, Jack/Bitty I loved this because it dealt with real, awful situations in a mostly realistic way while still focusing on good things. Everyone in the fic is so, so good. The first fic stands alone well, but subsequent fics involve adopting queer teens and babies, and are truely amazing. Obviously there is some suspension of belief, but things are mostly realistic.

    2) Singing The Journey by wintercreek
    Glee, Kurt/Blaine This series is one of the few fics I have read that lets adults be adults. It's essentially a year in the life, and it's about Blaine getting a job with a UU congregation, and how that year goes, how joining the church affects their life and relationship. It's also about the importance of family, and different types of families and love, and finding a home when the family you were born into can't accept who you are. It's a touching and moving piece. It got me through a really rotten time in my life, and I touch back on it to remind me of what I want and where I'm going.

    3) you and her loathing this cruel world by thememoriesfire
    Glee, Kurt and Quinn, Quinn/Rachel, Kurt/Sam I laughed so hard I cried. This is one of the best fics I have read for situational humor, and it's touching and sweet. Basically, both Quinn and Kurt think they're gay - but they have sex with each other to prove it, and of course she gets pregnant. The story and its sequels unwind down that lane, and it's sweet, touching, and absolutely hilarious the whole way through.
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