Comment on A Song Among the Stars, Vol 1 : The Heart of the Sky

  1. Yes, Peter is Mentor's only grandbaby! Mentor does view Genis, Phyla, and Victoria as grandkids in a way, because they all carry the Titan blood even if it isn't his blood specifically.
    Peter has the distinct advantage of being a full 50% Titan, while the rest are only 25%. Besides, the son of his favorite son is very important to him.
    And Nebula has her own issues to work through, lol. For the time being she has no interest in being a part of the Titan extended family.

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    1. So the other three are like step-grandkids? :)

      True about Peter. Aww, Eros is the favorite son! Mind you, given his only competition is Thanos... kind of obvious LOL.

      Poor Nebula. :(

      Any chance of a one-shot before the weekend? I am very very eager to see more of this universe...

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      1. Yep, step grandkids is right!
        And yes, Eros was the obvious choice for favorite kid, lol
        I’m working on some one shots now, but they probably won't be out until next week. I'm taking a short hiatus after chapter 6 to work on them :3

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        1. :) Roll on next week! ;)

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