Comment on My Perfect Warrior

  1. Hello there!
    Old reader here and I must say, the work you are doing to expand and deepen your story is absolutely amazing. I loved the old version, and I find myself even more intrigued by reading the new one. Vaas and Citra’s past is mostly a mystery, a fascinating one, so I’m so glad you actually took the time to add so many new scenes and themes to this already beautiful gem.
    And I think you’re right, when you say that people have to be held accountable for their actions and choices. I’m convinced that every human being has a driving force within them, sometimes an irrational one, that may or may not to clash with other people’s will. Vaas and Citra are a good example of it: they were two sensible souls that had to adapt in order to survive in a merciless environment, so they quickly learnt to depend on one another; however Vaas’ lust for power and Citra’s obsessive behavior are both part of what is driving them apart now. None of them is completely innocent on that regard, I agree.
    These two are complex characters, and you write about them so thoroughly, describing ever so vividly their thoughts and their psychological issues, that now I can honestly think of them as alive and breathing.
    Your talent is truly exceptional, nice job! I hope to read new chapters soon!

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