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  1. Oh man, I haven't really thought about Joker and Kaidan being friends (Joker is a bit testy with the VS in ME3) but this hit the spot. The lines about their grief and memories of the time when things weren't perfect - chasing Saren and all - but their friends hadn't started dying yet hurt. My favourite line was definitely 'One person isn’t meant to carry the weight of the galaxy, and she’s done it for five years.' Shepard is incredible, but even she runs out of strength eventually.

    Anyway. I have Feels.

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    1. Hooray, thank you!!!!

      I have SO MANY feels about Joker and Kaidan. I think there is a great deal of baggage they carry with each other, about Virmire, about Shepard and Alchera, Horizon, etc. I see them as having this very weird 'friends but only if we don't talk about it' kind of bond. They develop an understanding of one another. I don't even know if they particularly like each other, but in a lot of ways they need each other. It's fascinating, I love it, and I have several more stories about it to come!!!!

      Thanks so much for the comment!!

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