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  1. I'm sorry for replying so late! Some family emergencies insinuated itself. But not before I fell down the google images rabbit hole! This whole sukeban subculture fascinated me. I really should thank you and your amazing beta for introducing me to this amazing fashion landscape. Looking at the pictures and reading snippets about it really helped me take my mind off things and helped me ride the long nights.

    Thank you so much! I love it when Yuletide gifts keep on giving such as this one :)

    And I hope you have a bright start of the week as well!

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    1. Rusyuna from Grenadier holding her hat brim

      Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I somehow missed that I'd accidentally deleted a whole paragraph near the beginning just before the archive went live. I've restored it now and I'm really sorry about that!

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      1. It's March, I'm rereading it and I still find loads of hilarious stuff in it! I'd cut and paste the stuff I like but it'll be cutting and pasting half the story into the comment space :)

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