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    This fic is all kinds of awesome and you wouldn't believe how much I laughed and squealed throughout Christmas lunch. Lol, they think I'm crazy but whocares right?

    And I don't know much about racing in Japan but this one makes me wanna go and watch one!

    Everything is so perfect it feels like an authorized chapter of the manga (which is like... hella short too short!!)

    Shut up and drive?

    More like Shut up and take my money!!

    Wait, promised? Promised who?

    This part had me in stitches, so very Honda to drop another bombshell on top pf the confetti of bombshells he has already dropped leading up to it...

    Does this mean Papa Someya has approved? I hope he's not going to cougj up his pacemaker or anything when he turns on the television to see Honda Love Confession broadcast all over the world...


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    1. Rusyuna from Grenadier holding her hat brim

      Oh wow, thank you for such an awesome comment! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I was aiming for it to feel like more canon and I'm happy to hear it came off that way and was funny! I don't usually write humor and it's good to hear the jokes landed.

      I think Papa Someya must have finally given his approval because Honda was so adamant about not finalizing things until he did.

      Incidentally, I wasn't kidding when I said that I'm pretty sure this isn't how racing works in Japan. I know very little about that and didn't actually do any research (I saved my research for getting Someya's outfit right!)

      Merry Christmas and Happy Yuletide, you've made my day.

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      1. (I saved my research for getting Someya's outfit right!)

        OH WOW! This makes the fic even more amazing! Because the costume description really fit seamlessly with the hyper-stylized universe of Okane Ga Nai/Henshin Dekinai, but the fact that it is REAL LIFE! Holleeeeeee ((beep))

        You really rocked my world. I'm so thirsty for HD universe since the manga was too short, and you just gave me an "extra" of it.

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        1. Rusyuna from Grenadier holding her hat brim

          It's not exactly real life; it's an exaggerated-for-parody version of the iconic 1970s girl-gang look, which was basically a navy school uniform with a lengthened skirt. And the permed bleach job and elaborate nails really are what modern yankee girls wear! They also tend to bling out their rides in pinks and purples and super feminine decals; it's a really neat contrast to the kind of hyper-masculine yankee look. I was also lucky and had an awesome beta who's really into Japanese fashion and who helped me a ton with getting that description just right.

 is the look Someya is working from for his clothing, and the hair and nails are from looks like this: (the bosozoku, yankee, and kyusha kai subcultures have a lot of overlap.)

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          1. I'm sorry for replying so late! Some family emergencies insinuated itself. But not before I fell down the google images rabbit hole! This whole sukeban subculture fascinated me. I really should thank you and your amazing beta for introducing me to this amazing fashion landscape. Looking at the pictures and reading snippets about it really helped me take my mind off things and helped me ride the long nights.

            Thank you so much! I love it when Yuletide gifts keep on giving such as this one :)

            And I hope you have a bright start of the week as well!

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            1. Rusyuna from Grenadier holding her hat brim

              Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I somehow missed that I'd accidentally deleted a whole paragraph near the beginning just before the archive went live. I've restored it now and I'm really sorry about that!

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              1. It's March, I'm rereading it and I still find loads of hilarious stuff in it! I'd cut and paste the stuff I like but it'll be cutting and pasting half the story into the comment space :)

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