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  1. Oh, Not-so-sikkrit-author-chan... *hugs, snuggles and adores like mad* I can't say that I am surprised (as I am 99,9% sure who you are) that you managed to put just about every one of my wishes and ideas and preferences in this wonderful fic. God, I love it so much! It made me giggle and squirm and go all "awwww". It's perfect!

    The characterisation is perfect, the interaction brilliant and the entire plot just so wonderful and well-thought-through.

    (As usual, I was almost going to say... *grins*) I enjoyed your scheming Onozuka/Kikuchi - and they really beat any other plotting they've done in this one. OMG, besting Mochi on his home turf? Well done, boys!

    Basically, Mochi and Miyasaka are precisely as I imagine them (and of course you know that :P), the exact passion that they both have, one with a bit more intelligence to administer it, though, than the other. I love how you used Rusty to set them up - and I especially loved the cameo appearances of Yoshizumi (and that was so in character! Leave it to Yoshi to mentally slap Mochi!) and Kenzaki!

    The interaction between Onozuka and Kikuchi was hot and lovely (yay! wall!smexxors!) and I loved how Onozuka played his older lover. In fact I love how Onozuka orchestrated the entire piece - he must have had so much fun with this. The jealous and suddenly revealed passion between Mochi and Miya-kun was just brilliant, and I liked very much the explanations you gave for their attraction to the other, although Miya needed a bit of explanation too. He really isn't too clever, but not as stupid as he might seem.

    On the bottom line, I enjoyed this immensely. It is probably THE fic I've been waiting to read since the brilliance of Mochi/Miya occurred to me, and I am very happy that you cared to write something that fit my ideas and wishes so perfectly.

    *hugs and adores muchly*

    *goes to squee all over the place over lovely Yule-gift*

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    1. Onozuka from Haru wo Daiteita

      I am so happy that you liked it--as you can see, I tried to throw in as many of your favorite characters as I could! ~_^ And I'm glad that you liked Onozuka's scheming, since the fic was supposed to be about Mochi and Miya, but he kind of ended up taking it over and making it all about him! (I wrote up some meta about my fic-writing experience and Onozuka's pushiness over at LJ and IJ--added links to the end notes of the story here.)

      "I am very happy that you cared to write something that fit my ideas and wishes so perfectly"--It fit perfectly because we share a brain, of course! ^_^


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