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  1. Oh. OH. I finally got to listen to this (apologies it took me so long — this has been a super crazy week) and this is so so great!! So many wonderful things about this — I love what you've done with the different Elaines, how they are all so clearly different people, and yet they're more alike than (say) Gwenhwyfar (who is amazing, if I could have dictated how her voice would sound I would have wanted exactly what you did). I love the whining edge to Elaine Astolat's voice, and how it gentles out, especially in the boat scene and afterwards. Elaine Garlot is deliciously creepy. "That's nice, dear" — startled a laugh out of me, it's just so hilariously awful, just as I envisioned :)

    And, my gosh, Elaine Corbenic. She breaks my heart a little in the Corbenic/Astolat convo near the end. The beginning of the podfic, it's so distant and contained and closed, just like she is — and as the fic goes how we get a real sense of how, after all, she's really only a kid trying to keep her head down in this terrible world — and then how the end opens up, a lightness that's in the narration that wasn't anywhere else -- LOVE.

    "My lady said —" "Okay!" HEE.

    Thank you so much for making this great podfic! (And, hee, your username is perfect for reading this…)

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    1. squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      *ahem* So glad you liked it!! It's always such an amazing compliment, for the fic author to enjoy my podfic. :) & yeah I had ALL THE FEELINGS recording/editing it. I go looking for fic about my namesake, from time to time; since she's not in the BBC Merlin universe she doesn't get written about as much as other Arthurian characters. But every so often I find a real gem of a fic. Like yours. :)

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