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    I'm sooooo glad you liked it, and your comment put a biiiiig smile on my face =D

    -Chapter 14: Oops. You're right. I never noticed before (probably because I'm not comfortable enough with English to spot that kind of details when I read), but I'll try to remember it. Thanks =)
    -Chapter 30: I realise I was not clear at all (it happens when you write at 2AM ^^") buuuut Neku was talking about Joshua ;) Given than several Lapin Angelique items give him nice bonuses, a common headcanon in fanfics is that he really loves that brand. I went with it because it sounded fun ^^

    Thank you again for taking the time to comment ♥

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    1. Headcanon deviation # 5 - Joshua always struck me as a Dragon Couture guy, myself. He's got much more unique bonuses there, and I can just about create his sprites' outfit with two DC items and a pair of jeans. But now I love the idea of him dragging Neku into LA and making him squirm.

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