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  1. Been reading this just about since the 7th, but didn't want to comment until you were about done because I hate giving a lot of small, short comments.
    -Point in advance: I am sorely tempted to remedy my headcanons to reflect yours if I ever write a proper TWEWY fic. I love when somebody has a headcanon that differs from mine that I can still enjoy.
    -Chapter 1: The "Now! Pants OFF!" Look. Set the tone perfectly.
    -Chapter 3: headcanon deviation #1 - Rhyme's memories post-erasure. Burying her memories in her subconscious just made it so FITTING of a Halloween shot series.
    -Chapter 5: headcanon deviation #2 - I'd thought that TWEWY!Shibuya had always had modulator decals, and the Players just didn't realize it was important. However, having them only visible to the RG provided the perfect scare when the Players could suddenly see them again.
    -Chapter 8: I love that. That feeling of insignificance. I can relate to Shiki's feelings, it's so wonderful.
    -Chapter 9: now I have the most amusing mental image of Neku wearing a Karma or a Naraka just COVERED in psych pins. It's so ridiculous.
    -Chapter 11: your idea of using a pun for 'spell' is so terrible. I love it.
    -Chapter 13: headcanon deviation #3 - given how close Shiki and Eri are, I would've thought that Shiki told her about the Reaper's Game just about the day she got back. But I LOVE the idea of Shiki talking about bat Noise as animals and just whispering an f-bomb into her hands.
    -Chapter 14: minor nitpick - "Noise" referring to the creatures is both singular and plural.
    -Chapter 17: Neku's realization that 'wait, I didn't see that in my LIFE after all' had me laughing almost in sync as I read him laughing.
    -Chapter 19: I don't know if Beat know that Eri doesn't know DAMMIT that is confusing. Beat seems to be unaware that Shiki has not told Eri about the Game, but it's just as likely for him to simply have forgotten that they weren't in completely post-Game company
    -Chapter 24: I've seen some illusionists that made Neku's psych selections look like a shell game, I can't blame him for feeling uncomfortable.
    -Chapter 26: headcanon deviation #4 - I have no idea why I thought anyone would be AWARE of what happened under the Red Skull Pins. Thanks for bringing up that inconsistency.
    -Chapter 28: this one, you actually seem to share my headcanon. The Composer bringing Players back to life sort of dilutes the memories of those who knew the Players were dead. Nice to see that's a common thought.
    -Chapter 29: I read this chapter at 11PM last night and COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING. Curse you!
    -Chapter 30: I would like to think that Neku only knows about Lapin Angelique's wig selections because he was stopping at every store he passed every time he passed it looking for new pins, and he's BSing about a friend because searching for pins would be weird in the RG... but after my boyfriend seriously considered wearing the Lapin Angelique Suicide Special as a Halloween costume this year, that is way funnier than it should be.

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      I'm sooooo glad you liked it, and your comment put a biiiiig smile on my face =D

      -Chapter 14: Oops. You're right. I never noticed before (probably because I'm not comfortable enough with English to spot that kind of details when I read), but I'll try to remember it. Thanks =)
      -Chapter 30: I realise I was not clear at all (it happens when you write at 2AM ^^") buuuut Neku was talking about Joshua ;) Given than several Lapin Angelique items give him nice bonuses, a common headcanon in fanfics is that he really loves that brand. I went with it because it sounded fun ^^

      Thank you again for taking the time to comment ♥

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      1. Headcanon deviation # 5 - Joshua always struck me as a Dragon Couture guy, myself. He's got much more unique bonuses there, and I can just about create his sprites' outfit with two DC items and a pair of jeans. But now I love the idea of him dragging Neku into LA and making him squirm.

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