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  1. Oh I am! We've had all sorts of autumn weathers which is so refreshing (warm and sunny, light and heavy rains, gentle and rough winds), and the colours are wonderful. Oh not to worry, I've been so distracted by nature and writing since my brain keeps spewing ideas day and night, and of course trying to prepare for winter.
    Your education is important, so worry not about the time it takes to answer me. But remember to take little moments to just breathe and enjoy this wonderful season.
    Yeah, no, no sitting in the rain. You might get sick, and it's never good to write in the rain.... I've attempted it a few times in moments of desperation, not good.
    He is rather wonderful, he's massive but thinks he's tiny. If I did leave him alone and unwatched in the rain he'd leap into every puddle of water, and possibly start digging so he's covered in mud. He is usually very good, but those puddles and ditches are just too much of a temptation for him.
    She is and she's handling her dad's situation well, better than I had expected. Yeah, it breaks my heart to have it cut down but for safety reasons it has to be done. And yes, we're planning to plant a few new trees, my grandfather always said if you do harm to nature you have to balance it; he was also very strict on how you treated a tree that was being cut down, you have to be respectful of the tree unless you wish to anger the spirit of the tree.
    Nope, I don't think that. I'm glad you saved the tree, and it was nice to hear I'm not the only one attached to trees here.
    I'm so Proud of you, 75% is in my book awesome, especially if you really gave it a go. If you was here I'd give you my Excellent Hug (reserved to those who had battled a test and done a good job of it), so you just get a virtual/spirit hug. I'm so happy for you Chloe... you've made me smile so big that it hurts. Oh I hope the hospital appointment wasn't anything serious? But a day of school is always wonderful.
    Oh trust me Christmas will be here sooner than you think. I shall try to help you, well a rich red colour or a warm red one, then there's of course a warm green or emerald which might appear darker against the brown, of course white for snow or icy-blue for winter. The red of course would be the safest against brown.
    Don't you worry about rambling, after all I do it all the time.

    May the autumn weather favour you. I'm still waiting for the cats to go home, every weak I've thought they are going to leave, they aren't. But hopefully once they are gone, I will still be able to sleep.

    Now you take care, and may the autumn bring you plenty of laughter and joy.

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    1. I'm sorry it really has taken exceptionally long to reply this time, I've just been so busy with test and homework. It's a little crazy.
      I'm glad I managed to make you smile and that your enjoying the autumn season.
      Thank you for the virtual hug it was much appreciated and will be cherished.
      It also makes me smile to know about all the cheeky things your wonderful pets are getting up too and just hearing from you.
      Don't worry about the hospital appointment it was simply to put some braces on but as the got it mixed up, I will have to wait until some time in November to get them done now. Sadly, this may mean I have to get a second operation done in my mouth if it heals before the braces can go on.
      I never thought about white/blue like ice for my hair but it sounds amazing and I know I would love to see what it looks like, so thank you.
      I remember you saying that you weren't good at fashion and things like that but with a suggestion like that I have a feeling you're not giving yourself enough credit. xxx

      Until next time (when I'm hopefully less busy) have a good autumn and a fun time exploring all the seasons wonders. xxxxx

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      1. Don't worry about it, I've been busy too and it's been a bit crazy here too.
        I tend to enjoy autumn more than any other season.
        I'll give them whenever needed and deserved.
        Well I'm glad my pets are able to entertain you too. I do love them, but at times I swear they are all bonkers.
        Well, I'm glad it's nothing deathly serious, although the wait has to be horrible. I wouldn't be able to handle it. Oh no, having another operation done to your mouth is going to suck, hopefully that's not going to happen.
        Well you are welcome. I do love the colour blue, all those pretty shades of blue are so lovely.
        Well, I just love blue, and the colours of a good and proper winter and autumn, that doesn't mean I have any idea of fashion. But I'm glad my suggestion didn't sound completely insane.

        Until next time take care, and remember to have fun. Well, autumn is drawing to an end soon, and winter is coming, but hopefully there will be snow but not too much of it, but just enough for my dog to shove his head into it (that's the way he cools off). But anyways, enjoy the season and celebrate its wonders with warm drinks and comfy socks, and remember to capture the beauty of it all too. xxxx

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        1. I'm so so sorry I didn't reply; I may or may not have forgot. I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and happy New Year.
          Hopefully you'll have a great time and get everything you want. I would say 'hey, at least we're not finding shopping stressful' but to be honest I usually end up going a few days before Christmas Day. But hopefully you're not getting to stressed about it and can enjoy all the perks of the holiday season.
          Just a random update but do you remember when I was talking about slipping on ice and being clumsy, well I did... Seriously I got about 5 steps out my door and just fell; it was super embarrassing and hurt a lot.
          Also have you every had the Starbucks Gingerbread Latte because I tried it for the first time the other day and it was truly awful.... I hated it. I love gingerbread but hate coffee and apparently the coffee flavour is a lot stronger than the gingerbread. My friend thought it was very funny plus she got a free drink, so really I think she was the only one who got something good out of that.

          Sorry for the long paragraph and random things I've said (again) I'm just excited to talk again. Or at least too see how you've been doing, hope you have an amazing Christmas and wish you all the best for the New Year,
          Chloe198403 xxxx

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          1. Worry not my dear Chloe, it happens to the best of us. Thank you, Merry Christmas to you too, and a happy grand New Year, may the change in year bring you great fortune and joy.
            Honestly it's been a truly trying couple of months, but I am hoping that things will get better. I'm fine even if I nearly got killed by a massive tree branch that came crashing down from a great old tree, I felt the damn thing all the way down my back as it came down. Needless to say that did shake me up more than a bit.
            All I want is a couple of easy and slow mornings, curled up in bed with my cats, and long walks out in cold or snowy weather with my dog, and to devour one of the 5 boxes of chocolate I've been given while watching my favourite holiday season movies.
            I do hope your wish list comes true too, and that you'll have peaceful mornings.
            Oh I do remember. Gods that sucks, but I'm glad you didn't break anything. I just sprained my ankle during a walk, there was a hole in the road covered in snow, and well...
            I love gingerbread, which is why I've been tricked into drinking that disgusting muck. Never again. I'm just can't.
            Oh my Christmas preparations are almost done, I've got Bobs ugly Christmas sweater ready as well as his little hat (yes, he dresses up for the holidays)., just got to fix the food, the cleaning and gifts to wrap up for Christmas.
            Oh my dog was heartbroken a couple of days ago when he found his Christmas present (a large teddy bear) and I took it away from him, he honestly looked like I'd killed Santa or something, hopefully he'll forgive my cruelty when he gets the bear. He loves soft and cuddle toys to the point he steals them, like I can't take him anywhere with soft toys or he'll walk right off with one (has happened at dog shows, and instead of stealing candy from kids he steals soft baby blankets and toys). He doesn't steal food, doesn't even eat food that's been dropped, but a soft toy disappears around him 100% of the time.
            But any way, it was great hearing from you Chloe. You just made my Christmas a bit better. Merry Christmas to you and your kin, blessed be the New Year that is to come may it be seven times better than this year.

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