Comment on Oil Paintings and Late Night Jam Sessions

  1. I actually got so excited when I saw that you updated that I screamed a little!! it's only the third chapter, but I already feel so invested in this story, it's wild LOL

    My best boy Kirishima is so soft and I love him so much!! The Bomb Squad is the best squad, and I'm really happy that you're putting them here because I honestly feel like we don't get enough of them in canon.

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    1. Its been so good to get this au out of my head some because it's been rattling around for a while. I love the bakusquad because I've looked at all of them and thought back to highschool and knew that they would have been the same kids I would have hung out with. They make me so happy there is never enough of them.
      October is a super busy month so I might slow down the main plot line after chapter 4, but I will definately write oneshots from the universe and take requests on those.

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