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  1. I love Karkat’s slow recovery. I will also admit to literally, physically saying Karkat’s dialogue aloud to get a feeling for what my mouth was doing - I get this sense of him trying to talk around a mouthful of marbles, too wide open and unable to close or twist the way he wants. The talking crow also freaked me the hell out but I loved Karkat’s reaction to Yell Loud and get Karen immediately. Dave, stop being an asshole. :P

    I love Sollux bringing in the lore, and especially Karkat’s careful tread around the topic. He’s carefully guarding that he was visited and it makes a lot of sense, because opening up about the visit would invite more cult weirdness. Karkat cares more about his autonomy and peace than he does about having the full story, and that’s such a relatable understanding. And I also love Sollux’s empathy, even if it’s really small. A voice of reason that he trusts is something sorely needed.

    The Ancient Symbols lore feels so fun and refreshing. It’s kind of curious in the lore that there are four aspects completely unassociated with the Gods, but you’re working with the bounds of Homestuck here and are doing a fantastic job. I also really loved the Destroyer of Souls tangent where his own soul is “million shards that rain upon the earth and so on.” Y’know, blah blah, mirror soul rain of death, no biggie. XD

    And the dreeeeeams, I love this! You continue to do an excellent job describing the alien quality of them, and the elements you choose to expand on are amazing. Breath and Life are my favorite of the list there, both in staying true to their personalities, Homestuck lore, and your lore. The dream with Space and Heart is glorious too, and I love Karkat’s awareness of the script and his defiance of it. The History Lesson is amazing, literally something out of a religious text, and it brings an incredible sense of foreboding which doesn’t go away when Karkat wakes up to find a crow screaming “Blood” at him :P

    Now I’m also just getting hype at this reread and I wanna keep going because fuck this is a good story.

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